About our Service

ARCHE (A Resource Centre for the HumanitiEs) is a service that offers stable and persistent hosting as well as the dissemination of digital research data and resources for the Austrian humanities community. ARCHE welcomes data from all humanities fields.

If you have resources, would like to share them, and want to make sure that the data will be around in the future, contact us. We offer both archiving and online availability for your resources. If needed, we will assist you in converting data and metadata into required formats.

We have prepared a set of policies and information for your reference which you can browse from the navigation menu on the left side.

To get a quick introduction to ARCHE, you may watch our videos featuring Dante, a project leader, and Nora a curator at ARCHE.


ARCHE is the successor of the repository project CLARIN Centre Vienna / Language Resources Portal (CCV/LRP) initiated by the Austrian Academy of Sciences in 2014. CCV/LRP’s goal was to provide depositing services and easy yet sustainable access to digital language resources created in or related to Austria. In 2017 ARCHE replaced CCV/LRP extending its mission by offering advanced and reliable data management and depositing services open to a broader range of humanities disciplines in Austria.

ARCHE is a service offered by the ACDH-CH, a national centre of expertise founded with the intention to promote the change towards the digital paradigms in the humanities.

ARCHE was awarded the CoreTrustSeal in 2017, a core level certification for trustworthy data repository systems, which was renewed in 2021. To learn more, visit coretrustseal.org. ARCHE has also been recognised as a service providing centre (B-Centre) by the European Research Infrastructure CLARIN.

In July 2020, the technology underlying ARCHE has been fundamentally overhauled, while still preserving all data, resolution of persistent identifiers (PIDs), the user interface and APIs exposing data to external applications. For more details on the updated architecture see Technical Setup.

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ARCHE’s primary mission is to provide easy and sustainable access to digital research data and resources for researchers in the humanities. To this end, it takes care of long term preservation of digital data, and promotes the use of open access and open data policies. Have a look at our Collection Policy to find out about the scope of ARCHE.

To support researchers in preparing their data for long term preservation, ARCHE offers a set of policies and standards as well as consulting.

As the successor of the Language Resources Portal (LRP), ARCHE is one of Austria’s connection points to the European network of CLARIN Centres.

ARCHE has embraced the FAIR Data Principles providing Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable data and metadata.